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Mar 31, 2021

On Episode 052 of the RETROZEST podcast, Curtis ends the month of March 2021 with a Top 4 list of Classic Rock Albums with a landmark anniversary. He receives a little help from Aaron Martel from the Ridiculous Rock Record Reviews podcast (aka the R4 Podcast). The albums discussed are:


Jethro Tull - Aqualung (50th...

Mar 27, 2021

On Episode 051 of the RETROZEST podcast, Curtis celebrates the life of William Shatner, who turned 90 on March 22, 2021! The 3 recurring roles which defined his career as an actor are covered:

- Star Trek - Captain James T. Kirk

- T.J. Hooker - Thomas Jefferson Hooker

- The Practice/Boston Legal - Denny...

Mar 19, 2021

On Episode 050 of the RETROZEST podcast, Curtis discusses THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO in celebration of its 40th Anniversary (it premiered on the ABC Television Network on March 18, 1981!). The show starred William Katt, Robert Culp, Connie Sellecca, Michael Paré and Faye Grant.

Curtis also shares a Top 4 List of...

Mar 12, 2021

On Episode 049 of the RETROZEST podcast, Curtis is joined by his "MOPAR Guy" cousin Jeff Burke for a discussion of the 1971 Motion Picture VANISHING POINT in celebration of its 50th Anniversary (it premiered on March 13, 1971!). The movie starred Barry Newman, Cleavon Little, Dean Jagger and Delaney & Bonnie.

You may...

Mar 5, 2021

On Episode 048 of the RETROZEST podcast, Curtis conducts an exclusive interview with DEAN CAMERON (aka Jeff Spicoli) in celebration of the 35th Anniversary of the short-lived FAST TIMES TV Show (which premiered on CBS on March 5, 1986)! This series was based upon the 1982 movie FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH, and in...